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Top 20 favourite movies of all time (#15)

#15: Beetlejuice

There are two sides of Tim Burton that I tend to notice.  The good side of Burton is when he can take an original idea and make a movie out of it, the bad side is when he adapts an established story into his own motif and it kinda fails in a way.

I enjoy Beetlejuice as a movie and even more so as the animated series, one of my favourite cartoons of all time, but I’ll tackle that list for another time.

I think that what makes this movie unique is that you don’t feel that its outdated in some way.  You can set this movie at any time afterwards and you probably couldn’t tell the difference, aside from the visual effects of the stop motion animation.

Is it scary?  Nah, it can’t be categorized as such.  Although humour and horror can be a good pairing depending on the movie you’re writing.  Most slasher flicks can be shlepped into the funny bin.

Is it a good movie, per se?  It’s hit and miss, some of the jokes attempted in the movie can get stale after a few viewings, but the use of dead-like puns have their moments.

I will definitely give props to Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, he really had a lot of fun with the role and you can get good chemistry with other actors when one character is sold in such a way, the cartoon version doesn’t deviate from the source material as far as the character is concerned.

This list is only going to get better as we go along and I look forward to sharing the remainder of the list :).

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