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On Alfredsson leaving the Sens to sign with Detroit

I don’t understand this at all.

I don’t understand it and I probably may never will.

After I had let my feelings of anger set aside, all that’s left is disappointment.  I honestly thought that Alfie had more sense than this and finish his career in the city he’s come to call his own, to the team he’s helped break the funk and make the playoffs for the past 15 years, but this I don’t understand.

He had absolutely NO REASON at all to leave, no reason.  Except he made his intentions rather clear and that’s what angers me the most and have left me with a deep seeded feeling of shame for this decision.

I should address a few statements I’ve seen floating around concerning how good this has turned out to be and I need to state my thoughts in response.

1. It’s his decision, his career, he should finish it wherever he wants.

Well, was it Wayne Gretzky’s “decision” to finish in Edmonton?  Obviously not, since the GM dealt him to L.A. and he hasn’t had the best of luck in his career since (his back injury that shortened his career, no cup rings since).  Was it Marian Hossa’s decision to finish in Ottawa?  No, he got dealt by Muckler against his wishes when he had the numbers and the stats to prove how much more he could have improved Ottawa on the first line.  How many players have wanted to play for their drafted team their entire career and not have the choice to finish there?  If anything, I’ve got a newfound respect for Steve Yzerman, at least he finished his career with the same team before moving on.

2. It was a business decision.

If all decisions were done bereft of passion and emotional integrity for the sake of the “business” then what the fuck are the fans paying money for tickets for?  We don’t attend “business meetings”, we attend a fucking hockey game and this is a sour “business” decision.  Again, he had no reason to leave.  He’s a captain, a role-model, a team-player, and a leader to the next generation of NHL rookies breaking into the league.  He should have been there to continue guiding these kids into the next season and retire with his head held high.  What he just did was saying that winning the cup was far more important than guiding the youth of the NHL into the next 5-10 years and make Ottawa a cup contender again.  He’s telling his team-mates, the guys he’s played with for over a decade that the cup was more important.  He’s telling the city of Ottawa and all its fans that the cup is more important than we are.  He’s given us the middle finger is what he did and we’re supposed to applaud this “decision”?

3. He wanted to win the cup.

NO SHIT.  Every player who’s ever played in a professional sports league wants to win the big ass fucking trophy at the end of the season.  This is more than just winning the big prize, it’s about how you get there, and throwing others under the fucking bus isn’t one of them.

Detroit’s slipping out of the loop year after year, I’ve been noticing.  They don’t have the consistency that Boston or Chicago currently has.  They have no trouble making the playoffs, fine, but their depth core has been lacking since their last cup victory.  Had Alfie signed with Boston as it was rumoured, I might have been more okay with this, but signing with Detroit?  I can’t wrap my head around this at all.

You want to wish him all the best?  Fine.  You want to burn his jerseys and his photos and all Alfie memorabilia? Go nuts, I don’t care.

I’m a Sens fan before I’m a fan of a player and I care more about how good the team can be next season.  But I did expect a smarter decision on Alfie’s part and I was let down.

I guess 17 years worth of memories, goals, points and awards don’t mean all that much unless you add a Stanley Cup to the list.

Goodbye, Alfie.  I guess we’ll have to rally behind a new captain next season, huh?

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