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My top 20 Favourite movies of all time.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, I just haven’t thought through what I really wanted to consider as my all-time favourite movies.

Whenever I think of what my favourites are, I don’t usually consider what is good, but rather how often I am able to re-watch these movies and never grow tired of them.

This list may have one or two that could be considered best of all-time, or even slotted in the list of worst of all-time, its whomever views it that way.  But to me, I think heavily on how it affects me as someone who for the most part loves to sit down and watch a movie or a tv show from time to time.

I realized after I had compiled this list that a lot of these movies are from the 80s, which I think was the last great decade of movies before it slowly started to dwindle in quality, 1999 being the last year of good movies before the slow downward spiral happened.

Anyway, with that said, here’s my top 20 favourite movies of all-time.

#20: Robocop 2

I don’t know what it is about this one that makes me want to watch it again.  Its a movie where you know the ones making this movie aren’t taking it seriously nor do we as the audience have such high expectations given what we’ve seen from the first Robocop film (spoilers, its also on the list).

I honestly think this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  To be perfectly blunt, I never have been a fan of comedies, there hasn’t been a comedy that I remember that truly grabbed me as a viewer.  It’s the kinds of movies where you’re not stamping the word comedy on the genre, but rather the level of humour given to several key moments throughout the movie.  You can have a drama and still nail a few jokes here and there to balance the serious tone of the movie and I find that for all the ultra-violence that Robocop 2 brings us, the sheer amount of silliness and campy moments remind us not to dig too deep into the movie.  Its bad, but we know its bad and we still want to watch it because it does have a few decent moments which I, myself, enjoy very much.

The way I’d like to approach this is by giving a brief synopsis of the plot, my thoughts on the characters and my overall thoughts on the movie and why I have it on my list.


So the movie takes place about a month or two after the events of the first movie and the Detroit police are on strike as they threatened to do in the first.  Some of the cops are still working while the majority are on the picket lines.  We see what effect this has on the city as crime runs rampant and a new drug lord named Cain is running the show with a new addictive drug called Nuke.

Robocop and his partner Lewis are still on the scene trying to bust this drug ring and do what they can to clean up the streets.

OCP on the other hand feels that they want to gain the upper hand and they’ve been hard at work on adding more cyborgs to the Robocop program (albeit with hilariously bad results) and hire this dominatrix-like woman psychologist who seems to have this wanton desire to manipulate any one she wants.

Robocop follows the trail of Cain to an old abandoned factory (much like what happened in the first movie, you’d think they’d take it to a different location), but he gets ambushed and torn apart like a car during a carjacking and Robocop is left in pieces, dumped back at the police station (note Robocop’s robogasm face.  Peter Weller, ladies and gentlemen :D).

So they piece him back together and OCP’s dominatrix/psychologist reprograms him with hundreds of different “rules”, since concerned parents don’t want Robocop to bring any bad ideas to their little ones.  Seriously, like these parents haven’t walked one inch in the streets of Detroit, nor have they watched the first movie :p.

Robocop has a bit of a silly-streak, even shooting at a guy to get him to put out his cigarette.  “Thank you for not smoking,” says McGears the cyborg loony.

But he knows something’s screwed up in his head and he jolts himself back to normal.  He speaks a few words to the other striking officers and somehow that gets them back on duty…why not?

So after a bit of chasing, shooting and usual action-y stuff, Cain’s critically injured and is rushed to the hospital where crazy dominatrix shrink pulls the plug and kills him as he’s begging her not to.  Damn, poor sociopath with a messianic complex couldn’t catch a break.

Her desire to consider a criminal for OCPs Robocop 2 program (ha ha ha, get it? quoting the title :p) leads to unleashing this new robotic monstrocity on the druggies who threw Cain under the bus (literally I guess? Ok, didn’t happen that way, but it might as well given the cheese this movie ferments itself with, lol) and wipes the floor with them, along with some of OCPs goons and the mayor’s posse, who were trying to cut a deal with the druggies to “save” the city of Detroit.  Damn, who can you trust in this city?  Well, Robocop, but he was too busy sniffing the flowers and saying how bad language leads to bad feelings, or something to that effect *shrugs*.

So somehow Robocop knows about this new cyborg and he knows that its got Cain inside, or his brain at least and crashes the new city unveiling gala and he and Cain slug it out throughout the building and Robocop makes Cain’s brain go squish.

So the CEO of OCP figures to cut his losses and throws psycho dominatrix shrink under the bus to save his own rich corporate ass and the streets of Detroit are safe again, thanks to Robocop.

And who else but good ol’ Frank Miller, the one who wrote this story?  Only Miller could have come up with a posse of druggies that include a 12 year old kid of all things, who swears, shoots guns, sells drugs, cuts deals with the police and the politicians and essentially licks Cain’s bootstraps.  Add in a typical female counterpart who’s high up on Nuke and worships the ground Cain walks upon and that’s about as much as you’d expect from Frank Miller’s cadre of villainy.

While Cain as a character does hold his own, its hard to top Clarence from the first movie. I give props to the kid, he convinces you that you want to beat the little snot up and he’s able to get away with it, he even accepts death in all its ugliness and unmerciful touch.

There wasn’t a whole lot they could really do with Robocop, a lot of it is a rehash of the first movie where he takes such a pounding yet eventually comes back just as new.  Seriously, I can’t imagine how much absolute batshit ultra-violence he goes through, poor guy can’t even catch a break.  Even the horrendously bad and unfunny Robocop 3 shits all over him with such cruelty.

So why do I like this movie?  It has moments that work, it has funny bits that still make me laugh (OCPs failed attempts at recreating the Robocop program, the “commercials” they throw at you throughout the movie, and the news broadcasts that make you go WTF?), and overall, even if its copied a few things from the first movie, I can’t seem to tear myself away from it.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to movies and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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