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“Hitch”hiking to the absolute

I would say “…to the galaxy” but to compare Hitchens to Douglas Adams would be like comparing apples to oranges.

The world loses another human thinker, one still too soon to depart from mortality.  Not half a year ago we lost another great mind in Jack Layton, and now we must say goodbye to Christopher Hitchens.

I only recently delved more deeply into my stance as a free-thinker/atheist, so I never really got to know Hitchen’s works.  Nothing a little Youtube can’t fix, right?

He was fearless in everything that he did that not even the absolute certainty of death could ever sway him.

I know that it’s been a while since I last wrote in this blog, so I felt compelled to post here once more after learning of his passing.


We all see them, we all know them, only the Sith deal with them (ok, bad quote, but still works, lol).  There are only a finite level of absolutes we are certain of, and as evolved thinkers, we must never ignore that which is absolute.

The finite time of life that we are given is absolute.  Life is what we must make of it, what we must see of it, and what we must leave behind of it.  What is the legacy we wish to lead in life?  What is the purpose we must seek in life?

Cancer is absolute. 

It’s the predator that hunts relentlessly, it’s the ghost in the machine of living matter that devours from within.  We cannot see it until it is too late.  We cannot reason with it, bargain with it, nor hope that it will change its mind and leave.  We must accept it when it comes and either fight it or let it take hold of us.  Courageous people almost always choose to fight it, because of their sense of self-preservation.  It can be beaten, it has been done before.  But it can also come back.

Cancer knows no faith, no religion.  It doesn’t care who you believe or don’t believe in.  Cancer is blind to colour, creed, sex, orientation. 

Cancer is absolute. 

It does not care whether you are of good or poor health, it does not care for love or hate. 

Cancer is absolute.

It does not care where on the food chain it rests, it functions only as a single destructive entity that hides inside each and every one of us.  It is the shadow that tails us when we can’t see it, it is the fly on the wall that we ignore until it buzzes.  It is the sleeping giant, patiently waiting for the moment to awaken.

Cancer is absolute.

It reminds us of our limitations.  It tells us that one day, we too will die.  It reminds us of how finite our life is and what we must do during that time.

Cancer is absolute.

Let us not forget that we are not immortal.  Thinkers, feelers, philosophers, theists, anti-theists, leaders, followers, heroes, villains, the rich, the poor, politicians, scientists, humans and animals, ALL share the absolute certainty of our limitation.

I do not grieve for the thinking mind of Hitchens, rather I salute his work, his life, and his writing.  He knew where he would go when he died, and faced it with quiet reflection.  He did not look at it in fear, rather I think he looked at it in wonder.

When we die, we can no longer see the things we see, or hear the things we hear.  I see and hear things differently than others, and the same could be said of the opposite.

Just because our life is absolute doesn’t mean we should be regretful of it.  I do not want to spend eternity looking at everything, I want other people to have the opportunity to observe life for themselves.

To see what others cannot see, warrants no absolutes.


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