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Writing, the craft that it is and what it becomes

One of the first things I’ve discovered about myself at a very early age (ok, maybe it was in my teens when I started High School) was that I really love writing.  Call it a discovery based on genes passed along from my dad to me.  The reading gene passed along as well since I do enjoy the odd book now and then.

I first got my taste in writing with poetry, learning form, stanzas, rhyming, etc.  I learned it quickly and I applied it quite liberally to paper with my pencil (or pen) and it seemed to impress the teachers.

The written word can be a very dangerous device.  There’s a reason why they say the pen is mightier than the sword.  A written word can topple the mightiest of governments.

But I’m not blogging this to get political, I’m blogging this because I feel like sharing my discovery of writing and how much I enjoy it.

I am by no means a muse the likes of Shakespeare, nor could I ever lay the foundations for a whole different civilization and world like Tolkien, nor could I hope to shed light on the grotesque, supernatural craft of Stephen King, or even master the art of the spoken word like Joss Whedon can.  BUT! I am by no means as bad as Stephanie Meyer.

Where I’m going with this, dear reader, is that I am in the process of writing my first novel, something that I actually have a serious commitment to this time.  Before, there was a half-assed attempt at trying to write a novel, but I never really got the motivation needed to start typing away.

It wasn’t until my efedding comrade-in-arms, Jim (I’ll elaborate on efedding shortly and what it means), suggested that I start writing a novel and he’s got a publisher willing to check out my work.  So as soon as I could, I started to write up an outline of what I wanted in the novel with all the essential bits.  I started writing this thing, and I am amazed that I actually could start writing this.  Two chapters later and there’s still a desire to write this all the way through.  As soon as I can get another one done, I’ll write up a synopsis and get the contact information.  Then all that’s left is to wait and see.

As I was saying about efedding, it was a hugely popular fantasy wrestling venue where a lot of us wrestling fans would get together and make up our own wrestling fed, make up characters, and write their stories while they compete in matches for title belts.  Honestly, I think we crafted better storylines through a fantasy wrestling fed than what I’ve seen lately in the WWE (although I have enjoyed the CM Punk angle).

A lot of what this novel represents is what had been crafted over 10 years ago when I started efedding in May 2000.   Over the course of those 10 years that I had been writing the story of this character, I’ve got the tools to write a whole series of books about him, and I had mentioned that to Jim.  When we met again for my friend Chantelle’s wedding, he said he remembered what I had said to him a while ago and he’s serious about me wanting to make this story an epic fictional novel.

I don’t have high expectations from this, my only true goal for the time being is to get a publisher interested in this and seeing where I can go from there.

I’m excited again about writing for this character, when I thought I had honestly run out of ideas for his story.

BTW, I’m not spoiling or saying anything more about this.  I’ll post progress stats from time to time, but the rest is kept under wraps.  Until then.

Keep it real, keep it METAL \m/ \m/

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