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Free Thinking FTW

I figure it’s about time I finally start expressing my thoughts through writing with regards to how I view the world, how I view humanity, how I view religion.  Well, how I view just about anything, really.

I am a free thinking writer, FTW (get it? ;))

If I’m ever going to get to build up my skills as a writer, I gotta write…a lot.

Why not here?

Nice little blog-thing I can set up :).

To me, being an Atheist actually feels a lot more liberating than I could possibly imagine.  For a time, I viewed the world from an Agnostic point-of-view.  I was okay with the concept of a higher power, but only in the sense that the higher power came from ourselves, rather than just outside the norms of reality.  My philosophy prof, Jon Shearer (R.I.P.), once said that we as humans “internalize” God, according to the philosophies of Eastern culture.  Buddhism would likely be the front-and-center of this outlook on faith.

I didn’t start doing some serious “thinking” until some time after I took those classes, when working a Subway job gave me more of a cynical view of the world (seriously, some customers can’t rationalize anything when they’re hungry).  However, my job and my rational thinking aren’t entirely related to one another.  There were other circumstances that came into play with how I like to think and how I wholeheartedly believe in logic and reason.

It sounds like I’m spouting filler gibberish, but I want to pour my thoughts through blog.  I want to write whatever comes to my head and get these ideas out of my mind as soon as I can so I can think more clearly (not that I haven’t already done that).  I have a yearning to express myself more openly as a free-thinker/Atheist.

I eventually came to this conclusion about what kind of human being I am after some personal experiences involving religious parents (well, mother and mother-in-law respectively).

  • It’s not that I don’t believe in the concept of a higher power, it’s that I literally can’t anymore
  • I’ve seen biblical passages that reflect this point of view even more, both from the old and new testament, even though I haven’t read it completely (it’s oldish and wordy, can get boring after a while)
  • Many people out there abusing their faith to spite non-believers, homosexuals, people of a different faith, etc.

There will be more blogs coming soon where I can focus on specific rants, not just religious-related topics.

Keep in mind that these are strictly opinions, I don’t claim to know everything, I don’t claim to have researched everything, these are just my own personal thoughts.  I have that right as a human being to express these thoughts, and I know people can’t take that away from me, not even supernatural beings they believe in ;).

Read on, dear friends, and remember…

Keep it real, and keep it METAL \m/\m/

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